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1. Tooth paste/white powder Bone Powder, Gelatin Brand like Vicco, Promise, Anchor, Herbal powder, baking soda+Mustard Oil or Baking Soda.
2. Bathing Soaps & Shampoo Animal Fats, Gelatin,Glycerin Medi Mix, Chandrika, Mysore sandal,Doy Soap other vegetable oil based Soaps. Shapoo from Surya Brasil, VLCC, Lush, Surya Brasil, Himalayan Herbal.
3. Shaving Cream --Do-- Shave with the help of Nylon brush and Vegetable Soaps
4. Shaving Brush Animal hair are brutally plucked Nylon Brush ( Palmolive is best brand in India)
5. Animal Milk Cruelty against animal mothers and their babies. Soya Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk (without Casein), Rice Milk.
6. Tea Flavoring agent possibly animal origin Use Herbal tea/ Fresh tea leaves/ Tea without Flavor
7. Ghee, Mawa, Paneer, Butter Curd, Cheese Animal Milk and possibly Animal fats Vegetable Oil/Tofu for Paneer,Pea nut & Cashew Nut butter
8. Sugar ( white & Bleached) Bone char is used for filtering Stevia (Shrub), Gur/Jaggery, Dates, Figs, Banana. o Beet root Sugar is made with without using Bonechar. To know more : http://www.essentiallyhealthyfood.com/essentially_healthy_food/sugar-a-bittersweet-story-part-2.html
9. Honey Cruelties against bees & their babies. Gur ( Sugarcane Jaggery) or Agave Nectar (Plant based sweetner)
10. Bone China Crockery Animal Bones Animal bones free crockery
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Take care of Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D3 (Through direct Sunlight) level of your body. For Vitamin B-12, Nurokind-OD tablets (Sub lingual), Methycobal Tablets are in India. Give you body timely exposure to Sunlight to get UV-B rays. Only healthy Vegan diet will keep you healthy. Avoid processed and junk food, MSG Salts, Trans fats- Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Refined Oil. You talk about stopping Slaughterhouse?...Wake up...Be a Vegan first. Visit Photo Gallery for Health and Food.