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Great work
You have inspired me to seriously consider becoming a Vegan !
Name: Jyothi Suresh
Please keep up your good work. Hoping for a cruelty free world...

Live and let Live, peacefully
I hope this site becomes a one source online contact point for all those who are Vegans and for those who are willing to get on-board. VC, Bangalore
Name: Vidya Charan


Name: Amul Jain


Take care of Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D3 (Through direct Sunlight) level of your body. For Vitamin B-12, Nurokind-OD tablets (Sub lingual), Methycobal Tablets are in India. Give you body timely exposure to Sunlight to get UV-B rays. Only healthy Vegan diet will keep you healthy. Avoid processed and junk food, MSG Salts, Trans fats- Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Refined Oil. You talk about stopping Slaughterhouse?...Wake up...Be a Vegan first. Visit Photo Gallery for Health and Food.