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Veganism-An Epitome of Working for Animal Rights
Strange that it took me so long to become a full fledged Vegan.'So long' means that I used to be feeling for animals literally since my early days of childhood , still it was only over 1-2 yrs. back that I was able to call myself a complete vegan!Why it took so many yrs.(I m in my 30s) to give up milk?The' Dark Ages 'still persist , the term presently implying the absence of right information (about the plight of dairy animals)given to us.As I went through the other vegans' contributions here, I realised there is a figment of so many of those people present within my own self!Yes, the aspirations , the feelings, the desires, and even the horrors felt by other vegans find a true reflection in my own heart.Amazing. . as a child I had never imagined I would be ever able to come across any/ many true animal sympathiser/s. . . its great to know that so many gentle souls exist amidst us.A great need of the hour-We All Need To Be Pro-active Vegans!Being a vegan alone wouldn't much help the matters. . sad but true!We all must shrug off our passive selves and become more active regarding animal rights. Let's not feel shy of being labelled as 'activists' by others.At the end of the day, its not about being or not being an activist, but about making this world more gentle for the animals.Lets do that together!
Name: Sonal Vegan
If only animals could speak the way we do. . . they would be profusely thanking those behind this site!Kindly keep up the good work, Manish ji.

we are proud vegans!
Hi, Right from the time I was young I loved animals ...especially Dogs. We always had dogs as pets …they were a part of our family! But we all were non vegetarians … me and my mom did not eat cow, pigs or goats. So I thought I was better then other non- vegetarians!!! In my twenties I wanted to become a vegetarian … so I stopped eating chicken and eggs. After I came to USA I joined Orkut …I joined many animals communities and read how animals suffer in the slaughters houses:( …that was the time I decided to turn into a pure vegetarian …my husband to watched the peta videos and he to became a vegetarian. After few days read how cows and calf’s suffer in the milk industry…then turned into a Vegan. My husband read the book china study and gave up all dairy products. We don’t eat or use any animal’s products. ..It was very easy for us to give up cows milk …don't miss it at all. In USA it’s very easy to be a vegan as there are many brands that are pure vegan from cosmetics to house hold product and even my vitamins and omega 3 are vegan. There are many vegan restaurants , stores …but when I go back to India I will have to find new products.We are proud to be VEGANS!! Apart for being a vegan I do care about our Earth and try my best to be Green(I don’t use plastic for shopping or for cooking , only green products for cleaning and washing , REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0775891.html ) and support adoption of our Indian stray dogs and stop animals cruelty.
Name: anu and manish

life with veg
In our culture vegetables has a great position in meals. In the present scenario being a vegan like being a azooba. I am a vegan & I have some innormous experiances with my friends In my life.All of them are carnivorous (meet eater) & they laugh at me everytime & also want to encourage me to be a non-vegans,but I strongly tell him that I will be probably vegans till death. Its great to be a vegans & I feel that my non-vegans friends get becomes angry while I becomes cool & cool at the same situations.
Name: amit shanker

Take care of Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D3 (Through direct Sunlight) level of your body. For Vitamin B-12, Nurokind-OD tablets (Sub lingual), Methycobal Tablets are in India. Give you body timely exposure to Sunlight to get UV-B rays. Only healthy Vegan diet will keep you healthy. Avoid processed and junk food, MSG Salts, Trans fats- Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Refined Oil. You talk about stopping Slaughterhouse?...Wake up...Be a Vegan first. Visit Photo Gallery for Health and Food.